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Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Will my belongings be safe?

A. Absolutely, securing your goods are the most important to us. Protected by world famous brand Honeywell, we only use the latest state of theart security features such as…17 HD CCTV cameras, 24 hours HD digital recording, 365 days a year, as well as IR perimeter sensors and motion detectors and fire and smoke detection system throughout the premises. The front entrance system is PIN/card coded and only allows authorized personnel into the storage area. We also use a sophisticated Honeywell alarm system protecting the front entrance, perimeter and all units. Alarm system is linked directly to the Police Station mere meters away from the complex.

Q. What is the minimum period I have to stay?

A. The minimum period of rental is one week.

Q. How often and when can I access my space?

A. You may enter your space as often and as frequently as you like,during our hours of operation, providing your account is up to date.

Q. Are my goods insured when stored with you?

A. We provide up to RMB50,000 insurance coverage for your items. Please check with the management for more details.

Q. Can you accept deliveries?

A. Yes we can accept deliveries for our customers. For a more detailed explanation of the conditions under which we accept deliveries and where and how they are cared for, please consult with our storage consultant.

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